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Are you open to living your highest potential?

Livework Coaching collective offers holistic support for personal and career development. Your coach becomes your partner, standing with you and creating a safe space for you to shift your inner reality. Her objective, comprehensive and compassionate approach will empower you to remove obstacles to success and experience more satisfaction in both your work and your life.


We provide the tools.
You shift your reality.


There is unlimited possibility hidden in plain sight. We help you to cultivate a steady awareness practice that will not only shift your responses  but create a deeper and more satisfying way of experiencing your life.


Do you observe that what you say is sometimes at odds with what you do? Our alignment and healing practices free up energy wasted in resistance, avoidance and/or sabotage.  Best of all, alignment gives you more resilience to do the things you really want. 


There is a world of difference between knowing and doing. If we never act on what we know, we might as well not know. We help you to cultivate skillful action practices that yield greater results, greater peace, greater joy, and greater opportunities. 


We are your partners for change

Carmella Granado

Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Team performance

Margaret Hartwell

Innovation Coaching 

Leadership Development

Brand/Culture Alignment

Sydney J. Reuben

Life Coaching

Spiritual Mentoring

​Practical Wisdom ​

Jeanne Brophy

Creativity + Communications

Currently on sabbatical.

Not accepting new clients.

If you're thinking about coaching and looking for support, schedule a free introductory session with one of our coaches to see if we're a fit.


Musing + Learning

What If?

What if there were just the right number of hours in the day? What if paying bills were fun? What if the signs of aging were considered to be attractive? What if the glimpses of goodness people see in us were who we really are? What if the people who cut us off on the freeway—or ...


It was a dream in which my greater self rose up before me accusing me of my life with her extra finger whirling in a gyre of rate at what my days had come to. What, I pleaded with her, could I do? Oh what could I have done? And she twisted her wild hair and sparkled her wild eyes and s ...

No Way Out

Have you ever felt trapped? As if there were no way out? No options? Catch-22. Double bind? Stuck? And then maybe, in a moment of stillness, there is a flash. Your perspective shifts, offering a balcony view of the dance floor of circumstances. And you realize that all the doors in th ...

All services offered remotely via various digital platforms, in person in CA, WA and MA, or by phone. Email support is also available between sessions. 



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A: The one you water.